Why Your Online Product Isn’t Selling and What to Do About It

Why Your Online Product Isn’t Selling and What to Do About It

An interesting article at Wiredatheart.com identifies three key reasons why your online product isn’t selling. It also identifies pitfalls that will doom you to failure and gives excellent advice about what you can do to succeed.

Essentially, it comes down to three problems: your product’s inability to connect with a target audience, your potential lack of credibility or identity, and a perceived value problem.

Is Your Product the Problem?

When we create something, we all tend to think we have stumbled upon the next big invention, product idea, trend or way of teaching something. But, you have to ask yourself: who wants this product or service and why? Have you identified your target market? Do you know what they want, how they buy, their hopes, fears and dreams? It may sound cliché to focus on their hopes, fears and dreams, but identifying those and being able to communicate how your product relates to those emotions will move your product off its virtual shelf.  In using social media to help catapult your product sales, the above questions have to be addressed.

How Often Do You Buy from a Stranger?

In the age of Internet fraud and identity theft, it’s harder than ever to know who to trust. And for the sake of argument, let’s say your potential buyers have no fear of you absconding with their identities. There’s also the fear that they’ll be throwing good money at a bad product. How will your target audience know that what you’re offering is legit? I have several suggestions for you:

  1. Publicize yourself. Show your actual face on your website, create a YouTube channel where you speak and publicize that you’re available to answer questions on the phone. If people know you genuinely stand behind your product offering and you’re willing to talk to them about it, they’ll feel more comfortable buying from you.
  2. Testimonials that are genuine and specific will do wonders for your brand. If someone had an exceptionally great experience using your product or service, ask him or her to film a quick video testimonial or write a quick letter than you can use to demonstrate your credibility.
  3. In addition to testimonials, using social media is an effective way to get unbiased, yet positive ratings. How to use social media correctly; however, is another topic altogether.

Beware of Price Drops

When a product doesn’t sell, your first instinct may be to drop the price. This is NOT what you should be doing. Yes, maybe your product is expensive. And if it’s not priced properly, you can consider a discount. But, the more important concept to consider is what value your product brings. People with a true need for an amazing product will pay for it, even if they have to struggle to pull the funds together.

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