Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter

In this day of social media, video marketing and Blogs of every description Newsletters may seem like a quaint but somewhat useless throwback to the past. The fact is, however, that Newsletters are more than ever a powerful and persuasive tool for reaching out to your customers, increasing repeat traffic and growing your business.

A Newsletter is like a direct telephone line to your customer base.  If you fill it with useful, relevant information you will not only give them something to read you will create something that they look forward to reading.

And when I say useful I mean useful.  If you sell juicing machines, for example, your Newsletter should not only talk about the latest juicers to hit the market but how to keep them working properly and a delicious recipe that they can use with the juicer. Give your readers something that will enhance their lives and they will clamor to read your newsletter every time you publish it.

Speaking of which, you need to keep to a schedule with your Newsletter. If you tell them it will be out bi-weekly you’d better darn well publish it bi-weekly or else face the wrath of their indifference.

A Newsletter can and should have a sales promotion with a call-to-action also, every time.  Yes you want to give them interesting and helpful info and you don’t want to push too hard but the main point of the newsletter is to sell your product or service.  If you don’t ask for the sale chances are you won’t get it.

The power that a Newsletter has to increase repeat sales also can’t be overstated.  If you have already made the initial sale all subsequent sales are much easier.  A well written Newsletter sent on a regular basis is like honey to the bee and will attract repeat sales with very little effort.

If you have a customer email database I urge you to put it to good use and start sending Newsletters.  If you don’t you should definitely create a landing page and start collecting emails for that very purpose.  If you can’t write hire someone to write a newsletter for you. The point is, the effort and cost of a Newsletter is well worth it for the type of response and revenue increase that it can create for your business.

Right now your competition is using Newsletters to enhance their relationship with their existing customers, create affinity for their brand and increase repeat sales.  If you’re not using this excellent sales tool you’re missing out on the many benefits that it can provide to connect with consumers, build your business and increase your revenue. It may be an old idea, but it’s still a good idea.

For help with your Newsletter, please don’t hesitate to contact me at randi@thesocialcalling.com or visit my Facebook Page to post questions.