Why Social Media is Relevant to your Business

Too often business social media falls flat for a lack of interaction or interest. Face it, no one, not your customers or your employees are ever going to care about your business as much as you do. So just to put your name, logo and address on a Facebook page does not mean you are using social media. Meeting goals is why businesses use social media.

So in order to inflate your social media presence of make it three dimensional, consider taking the following actions.

1.  Define a business goal and design your business social media around that goal. You also need to have some idea of where you want your social media to be in the future. Set goals for interactions, demands on resources, etc. For example, you won’t start out on Google+ hosting a Hangout. But after you find you’ve gathered a committed number of customers who want to interact on a regular basis, a Hangout is a wonderful opportunity to bring extra dimension to business social media. Set goals for when you’ll be ready to do something like Hangout.

2.   Have the right people in your business operating and educating other employees on social media. You need people who will understand the business goals and guide the social media to have an impact on those goals.

3.  Gather social media statistics to decide your direction. This is very important. It doesn’t make sense to throw a bunch of money at social media and then try to sort it out later. The most important investment in your business social media will be having people involved who understand social media as it applies to business. Then as the strategy develops spend money on technology.

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