Why Our Common Thread isn’t so Common

Today was our last meeting of the year at Our Common Thread.  While the attendance was smaller than usual (December crunch time), the women that attended were nonetheless amazing as usual.  We had two women present and they both happened to be financial guru’s in their own right.  Gina Lapiner, a financial advisor extraordinaire talked about the importance of not just planning for the future, but investing wisely enough so you can live comfortably past your working years. (e.g. retirement at 60……god I would LOVE that)!  Gina’s personal service and knowledge base has helped her achieve her goal for this year and we are so thrilled to have had a hand in that.  Gina, you ROCK!  It is so worth your time to meet with her to find out what’s possible for you and your family. You can reach Gina at gina.lapiner@edwardjones.com or (818) 878-9173.

Lillan Kossacoff is a Mortgage Loan Originator but she too is so much more than her title.  Lillian really goes above and beyond to ensure her clients will not only be able to afford their mortgage but get them into a loan which, over time,  may help them reduce their debt and pay off their mortgage entirely.  In her presentation today, Lillian mentioned that if we broke down the word mortgage, it is actually derived from the french word for “death debt” or “little death” so Lillian’s goal in life is to due away with that nasty little word in your life and she does it with a smile on her face and a whole heap of patience.  You can reach Lillian at Mortgagegirl@sbcglobal.net or (805) 657-9049.

Come visit Our Common Thread by checking out our website for a local meeting near you.  I have gained some amazing clients who have in turned become some very dear friends.