Why Lists are Awesome!

Improve your Productivity

Have your ever wondered what makes the difference between the people who make it big online and those who keep on trying? I’m sure there are tons of answers to this question but guaranteed, these people are organized, well oiled machines.

The Right Attitude and Proper Planning Works

The first thing many marketers neglect to have is the right mindset. Content marketing requires someone to be disciplined in terms of the quality and quantity of writing produced. You will need to produce useful and engaging content on a daily basis so you can attract an audience and convert some of those visitors into sales. This only works if one adapts a positive mind and daily planning. You may think you already have this but think again, do you write down your plans and objectives for the day? Don’t lie, it’s just you and me talking.

These simple but necessary things are what differentiates the serious and dedicated marketers who succeed and chancers who only make the short distance.

Keep the Inspiration Flowing

Everyone who writes will agree that producing content is difficult, especially when you’re not inspired. When your creative brain isn’t functioning properly (could just be lack of coffee), you can really see the difference between writing good quality and poor quality content.

To be able to produce high quality, relevant content, you need to keep the ideas flowing.

Below are some suggestions:

1. Write down every idea that comes to mind. Keep a small note book around at all times (yes, even in the restroom…you never know what may cause the lightbulb to go on!).
2. Look at good resource sites such as Alltop. Type in a subject and whoolah!
3. Read, listen and watch interesting programs that are bound to equip you with writing material. Listening to an interesting podcast or radio dialogue can go a long way in inspiring your writing juices.


I love checklists! I mean, how good does it feel to make a list and then take that pen and just draw a line through the completed task. Ahh, I can feel that sense of accomplishment even as I write it. Very gratifying. You may already have noticed how we keep talking about writing stuff down and making lists and that’s because lists and notes are the basis of planning. A good content marketer relies on stellar planning to manage all platforms and keep them updated.

Create a daily checklist for all your platforms and write down what each platform is supposed to achieve. And by platform, I mean anything from your website blog to your social media sites. Try to follow your checklist and treat it as the manuscript of your work for the day. Mark out each task as you complete it until you have completed everything on the list. Now at the end of the day you must come back and examine each task and make a small commentary on the task. It can be content performance, challenges met or any other useful information that can help you improve when you perform your tasks in the future.

The Takeaway

Whether it’s for your business or personal life, creating lists is an excellent way to stay organized but can also keep you on track and stay focused on the big prize. For this article, the big prize is quality content. Quality content leads to more eyes on your site and more eyes on your site means a greater chance of conversion.

Get that list going today!