What You Don’t Know About LinkedIn

What You Don’t Know about LinkedIn

Long considered just a talent resource and self-promotion platform, LinkedIn is emerging as a powerful business tool. You’d be surprised to find out all the revenue-driving and timesaving activities you can do with LinkedIn. In fact, an article published by Jody Steinhauer at the star.com covers a wide variety of the possibilities.

At The Social Calling, I’m a big fan of using LinkedIn as a one-stop shop for promoting my business, finding vendors, making hires and staying current on news and business trends. And because I’m such a fan, I’ve outlined some of the key things you can do with LinkedIn that you may or may not have known about:


As an expert in social media marketing in the San Fernando Valley, I’ve always been a fan of what groups in social media platforms can accomplish. The advantages of LinkedIn Groups is that you can interact with people within your business sector or geographic location. You can also leverage the groups to participate in professional discussions, get answers to pressing business problems and offer advice to colleagues and potential clients.


Just like Twitter, LinkedIn has a following function. As a business owner, you can follow business, clients and prospective clients. And they can follow you. This is an ideal way to track activities, and find out when the door is open for new projects.

Talent Poaching

While this approach may be a little controversial, it can still be an effective win-win for all parties involved. For companies who aren’t doing well, their current employees can be ripe for the picking. Also, LinkedIn is an effective way to promote your own job opportunities to qualified and carefully selected candidates.

Company Pages

Similar to a Facebook fan page, a LinkedIn Company Page allows you to promote your business, embed YouTube videos, get customer recommendations and place targeted ad campaigns complete with traffic tracking.

Advanced Tools

While LinkedIn does charge for some of the more sophisticated tools, many are still offered for free. Some of the more useful tools you can take advantage of allow you to do advanced searches for service providers and experts, create job postings, promote your events, share professional presentations, and blog. There is also a LinkedIn Learning Center that’s a rich information resource for everything you need to know.

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