What Draws you to Pinterest?

Pinterest has become the third largest social media site since its inception (only three years ago). Social media marketing in Los Angeles has taken on this third network in a big way. But many marketers still struggle with the nuances of Pinterest. We may have our Facebook marketing strategies down, but because Pinterest is still a relatively new platform, it raises a lot of questions about how exactly to use the site for social media marketing.

Here are a few tips on how to use Pinterest effectively:

1. Give detailed descriptions

2. Use SEO picture naming practices

3. Don’t by pitchy – be careful about using Calls To Action

4. Make it last

5. Think about what you are offering

Descriptions in Pinterest are part of search placement determination. Write a detailed description so your pins will be found in Pinterest’s search. One of the best social media marketing aspects of Pinterest is that people use the network for finding new things vs. following their current interests (like Facebook). Name your pictures with a keyword or phrase. This will help your picture show up in Google Images as well as help with SEO in Google Search.

Since Pinterest users save a lot of content it’s import to create content that isn’t time sensitive. More pitchy types of writing techniques like Calls To Action don’t work as well in user’s folders. Such techniques are meant to provoke immediate reactions but Pinterest’s emphasis is on getting users to save content. You want to frame your content based on the idea that a Pinterest user will be looking at it months from now.

As Pinterest is based on images more than other sites, your social media marketing efforts need to take into account the idea that people can see the same thing differently. Re-pinning is the act of taking one users pin and pinning on your own board. But the motivation for the person to repin might be different than the motivation of the person who first pinned the image. Try to think all the things an image can say to make the most of it.

Pinterest is still growing and figuring out its place in the market. That means it’s a great time to begin experimenting with Pinterest. As social media marketing techniques develop on Pinterest you can be at the forefront as you adopt and adapt, or figure out a good marketing strategy of your own.

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