Using Video and Social Media Marketing

Enhancing your Social Media Marketing by Using Videos

If your looking to improve your marketing, adding videos in social media will certainly assist in increasing viewers. The growing population is becoming more and more visually inclined. Online users, especially, would much rather watch a video than look at a still picture. Even if it is only a few seconds long, a video will give more volume and interest. Here are several examples of how to improve your social media marketing using videos.

A Vine video will allow you to create a six second looping video, which can be shared on Facebook or Twitter. In these six seconds you can give a hint of a product, preview upcoming events, or do a 3D slide of a product. A six second tease of a product will entice viewers to look into the product further and visit your website. Showing events can allow people to get a better grasp on the services you can offer and giving multi-sided angels of a product will show potential buyers far more than a 2D picture can ever show.

Instagram, on the other hand, has recently added the new feature of up to 15 second non looping videos. These can be added to not just Facebook and Twitter, but to your email and Foursquare for example. The other advantage of Instagram over Vine, is that it can be edited and it is far more popular. Not to mention the more than double the time you have to share your product, ideas, or services. Well known industries like Taco Bell and Starbucks use Instagram for their videos on social media websites.

Large and local businesses alike are creating Facebook pages to help improve marketing. Facebook allows users to add 20 minute long videos to their pages. If you have commercials, adding them to your page is a good idea to show new and old visitors your products. Asking fans to post videos about your products can also be an interesting and easy way to build video.

All of these video avenues to build your social media marketing can be easily accomplished. It will not only encourage more buyers, but will make your business more welcoming. To read more on how to enhance your social media marketing click on this article by Kristi Hines.