Twitter’s New Advertising Campaign

Social media is now offering fantastic ways to advertise your goods and services to a larger and more targeted population. It all started with Facebook who offered targeted ads to help you land more prospects. If you haven’t heard, many people are reporting fantastic return on investments through this advertising platform. Some have even completely stopped advertising on search engines and devoted their entire advertising budget to Facebook ads. Now, Twitter is throwing their name into the proverbial advertising hat with their new advertising platform Tailored Audiences. So what exactly is Twitter’s Tailored Audiences?

Tailored Audiences allows marketers to target Twitter users based on their personal web activity. By utilizing cookie-mapping, ad partners like Adara, AdRoll, BlueKai, Chango, DataXu, Dstillery, Lotame, Quantcast, ValueClick, and [x+1] anonymously transfer a segment of users to Twitter creating a pool of targeted members to aim at with your campaigns. Let’s use a hypothetical situation to describe how Tailored Audiences might work: A user visits the Hawaii section of a well known hotel line’s website. Ad partners pick up on this activity and then tell Twitter that this user can be included in the market for a Hawaii hotel. That same user then sees a highly relevant promoted tweet from the hotel line on their personal Twitter timeline. As you can see, this offers a bounty of new advertising possibilities.

For example, let’s say you want to target individuals who have previously visited your website.  With Target Audiences’ Site Retargeting capabilities, you can send those individuals a personalized and engaging tweet instead of having to rely on a retargeted display banner which most people tend to ignore. A retargeted tweet is a surefire way to grab a site visitor’s attention, not only because retargeting site visitors on Twitter is new, but also because you can add a personal touch to the tweet to more effectively communicate your brand voice in a way that is simply not possible through traditional means such as display banners.

Tailored Audiences also allow you to communicate with specific people in a specific way. For example, let’s say you want to thank everyone who purchased your new course on Twitter Marketing. Or let’s say that you want to ask a question to individuals who did not go through your entire sales funnel. Or maybe you want to tell people who have purchased from you before an upcoming release. Or maybe you want to tweet fun trivia questions to increase engagement. Twitter’s Tailored Audiences allows you to accomplish all of this and more.

Finally, let’s say that you are looking for targeted leads to send through your sales funnel. As previously stated, Twitter Audiences allow you to utilize a pool of engaged leads who have searched for keywords related to your niche provided by different Twitter approved vendors. In other words, not only does Twitter Audiences allow you to communicate with people who have already experienced your sales funnel, but it also allows you to bring new people into your funnel. It is a fantastic way to advertise in this new age of social media advertisement.