Turning Facebook Followers into Customers

This blog is going to make the assumption that you are working fast and furious on your social media marketing efforts. You have established a large and loyal group of followers who comment and like posts and engage in conversation about your products. Unfortunately though, what tends to happen with many businesses, is the conversation is where the interaction begins and ends; all that talk has failed to increase revenue and turn followers into customers. Here are 4 ways that those status updates can turn followers into consumers.


As soon as people believe they have an advantage over others, they are immediately enticed. Make a coupon available for only people who are fans of your Facebook page.


Paint a complete picture of how your customers can use what you offer; whether they can recreate a look, build, grow, or play.  Word your post wisely and include a picture of the finished how-to project.

Behind The Scenes

Few things are far more engaging to customers than knowing the source, creator, and people involved with the products they purchase. Use your posts to offer information about how a particular product, from inception to production.


Consumers may trust your brand, but they want to know how certain products, especially new products, perform. Display an actual picture and quote from a customer who has used and enjoyed it your product.

Facebook is a social sharing media, use it to tell a story and relate to your followers.