Turn Pinterest into Your Company’s Own Branding Machine

Pinterest is a fast-growing traffic juggernaut. The site features pictures posted by users which other users can pin on their own Pinterest pages. Each user can follow and be followed. Think of Pinterest as a graphical version of Twitter. Instead of 140 character tweets, most of the talking is done by users’ pictures. Pictures, as you know, are worth a thousand words. Pinterest proves that this saying is true. It is also proving that pictures can be quite viral in of themselves. Pinterest boosts traffic because users can link pictures to a url. When someone likes the pictures you posted, they merely need to click on your pictures to be taken to a website you linked. Of course, the whole idea behind this feature was to click the picture to go to the site where there are more pictures similar to the picture clicked or go to an information page that talks about the subject of the picture. Given its popularity and its ease of driving traffic, you can use Pinterest as a branding tool for your website. Read the guide below to help you do this efficiently and effectively.

Pictures are powerful branding tools

You can talk until you are blue in the face but there is nothing like a picture to make your point dramatically, effectively, and concisely. Even video often doesn’t come close to the simpleness of a picture. A badly produced video might lead to even more confusion. A well-selected and produced picture truly makes your point easier to understand, appreciate, and sympathize. That’s why Pinterest is a gold mine for brand builders. Every picture you put on that site entices would be Pinterest followers to a particular brand. Of course, you have to pick the right pictures. This means picking the right composition, the right subject matter, and the right logo with every picture. Eventually, once people start wanting more and more of your pictures and have built up a certain level of expectation, they associate a certain type or series of pictures with your brand.

Create a brand context with pictures

Branding with pictures is an art not a science. It takes lots of trial and error on Pinterest to fine tune your picture branding message. This is where context comes in. You have to keep repeating the same message even though you are using different pictures each time. Remember, you are branding your business, and your business is composed of a constellation of values. You can graphically represent these values with pictures. Eventually, the whole series of different pictures branded with your company logo portray an array of values, the viewer ‘feels’ just by looking at your pinned pictures. This does not happen overnight. It takes planning. It takes constant effort. The effort is well worth it though.

Create a narrative with the right pictures

In addition to creating a brand context, you should do picture promotions on Pinterest by using picture series. This involves posting sets of pictures. Each set has a theme. The theme must have something to do with the collection of values your brand represents. Each series has a specific narrative. Whatever the specific narrative may be, the subtext should be the same: your brand could always be trusted to deliver quality.

Creating a Pinterest page is easy.  What’s overwhelming is taking the time to find the right images and wording for your business.  That’s what I’m here for.  The goal is for you to spend time on your business, not social media.  Contact me at randi@thesocialcalling.com or send a message to me on my Facebook Page so we can discuss what will work best for your business.