Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog for Free

5. Create Short SEO’d YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the three biggest search engines on the internet which is used daily, next to Google and Amazon of course. People frequently search YouTube for answers to their problems. Even if they use Google to search for answers, YouTube will often still be at the top or on the first page of search results.
This is an easy opportunity to capture some free traffic. You just need to create honest, valuable, and helpful videos within your niche. Have people subscribe to your blog’s YouTube channel so that they will constantly be reminded of your new videos, and most importantly – your blog.

4. Guest Write Blog Posts Within Your Niche

Guest writing is how some of the most popular bloggers have risen to fame. We all have to start somewhere, and in the highly competitive world of blogging, it’s usually near the bottom. Don’t be afraid to kill your ego and write for important people for free.
You can even make things super easy by pre-writing an entire guest post, then e-mailing it to your favorite blogger who presumably has high traffic. Your guest post should be original, valuable and free of errors. This just makes things very easy and accessible for a blogger in your niche to say “OK, I’ll post your blog entry that you e-mailed me because you made it so simple.”

3. Answer Questions on Quora

You’ll find James Altucher answering a lot of questions on Quora, and it’s not because he enjoys writing free content on a social websites all day long.
James knows that Quora shows your business’ credentials beside your name each time you answer a question. And sometimes your written answers can be seen by tens of thousands of viewers, depending on if a question goes viral or not. This gives your blog, business or brand huge amounts of awareness and traffic.
The name of the game is crafting great answers which are highly up-voted by users.

2. Comment on Popular Blogs in Your Market

This is the same strategy as answering questions on Quora, except you’re simply commenting on blogs in your field. This is much more specialized than Quora, because the readers who will see your comments are within your precise target market. These are the people who need to read your blog. They are your audience. And they’ll find your blog when they see your highly, up-voted comments on different blogs in the market.

1. Reddit

Reddit is a traffic powerhouse – it’s that simple. It’s a well-known secret between bloggers and entrepreneurs that Reddit is full of marketers who are hiding in the shadows. These marketers have discreet usernames, they comment on random sub-reddits, and do their best to blend in.
But when the time is right, they’ll strike. They’ll secretly submit their own blog links to the appropriate sub-reddits at the right high-traffic hours for maximum visibility. It’s the ultimate method of receiving free traffic for your blog. You should take advantage while you still can.

And don’t forget to make sure your blog is full of useful and engaging content. Otherwise, you can drive a ton of traffic to your blog, but if you’re not speaking the readers language, they will not come back for more.