The Magic Recipe for Facebook Marketing Success

The Magic Recipe for Facebook Marketing Success

Facebook recently announced some new company milestones. They have passed 1.19 billion monthly active users, 874 million mobile users, and 728 million daily users. That is an incredible amount of traffic visiting the popular social media site. Companies are now scrambling, trying to get their piece of that traffic pie. Many are succeeding while others are failing. But why? How is it that some companies are doing so well with Facebook marketing while others are struggling to get off the ground? Is there a formula that leads to Facebook success? Is there a magic recipe that when followed, could help you build a loyal fan base of active and engaged users who rush towards anything related to your brand? In short, yes. And here is the recipe.

1 cup of focusing on your customers

When developing a Facebook marketing campaign, one of the first questions businesses ask is, “What kind of content should I post?” This is a great question. An even better question would be, “What would my target audience like me to post?” It is important to always focus on your target audience and provide content that encourages them to comment, post, like, and share on your wall. And when they do, make sure to communicate with them directly. If they ask a question, post an answer. If they make a comment, thank them and respond. The most successful companies use Facebook as a customer service platform. This is how you go from casual visitors to loyal legion. Also, avoid posting to Facebook via third party software. This often limits the size of your videos and images. Post directly for better control and personal interaction. Your followers will notice and appreciate your efforts.

1 tablespoon of experimentation

Proper experimentation will help you understand the best types of posts and the best times to post for your intended audience. You may find that your audience is more active between 2 and 4 p.m. Or maybe they’re more responsive from 8-10 a.m. Experimentation may show you that your audience prefers videos. Or you might find they prefer text accompanied by images. Testing can help you pinpoint the best way to target your audience for maximum exposure and interaction.

A small dash of statistics

It’s not the sexiest task, but keeping track of your Facebook activity is essential for growing your fan base. It’s the only way to understand the results of your experimentation. The beauty is that Facebook keeps track of your analytics for you and even sends you the results to your email accounts. Through Facebook Insights, you’ll have an idea of the number of fans, number of new fans, fan growth from prior week, etc. Another great tool to utilize is EdgeRankChecker. This is an online program that scores your overall page engagement activity. EdgeRankChecker gives you invaluable information like what days of the week you get the most engagement and what days you get the least activity on your page. This is fantastic for helping you understand the best times to launch a new campaign, promotion, or important content.

A handful of fresh content

The most important ingredient to Facebook marketing success is consistently posting engrossing and entertaining content. This is how you develop your fan base. It can be tricky to come up with new content. In fact, it can be stressful…even intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. We often think that we have to constantly come up with unique content. This isn’t always possible. Just focus on giving your audience fresh content they haven’t seen. Maybe share a YouTube video that relates to your niche. Share a Tumblr blog that will have them engrossed in the content. Share a Tweet from someone in your field. The content you share doesn’t always have to be yours. The key is just to make sure your posting frequently and consistently.

The recipe for Facebook marketing success is easy to follow and implement. Just add the ingredients and you’re sure to have a beautiful dish to share with the world.