The Instagram Allure

The youth today wants everything at supersonic speed. The new generation is fast, impatient and always on the move. To keep up with their aspirations, technology too has come a long way. Gone are those days when one had to go to a photo studio to get their picture taken, and then wait for at least a week before receiving the photograph. With the invention of camera phones, it is as simple as the click of a button or a touch on the screen to capture anything, anywhere. To take this further, there are many online photo-sharing tools available that allow you to share your snapshots with your friends and family in an instant. One such extremely popular tool is Instagram. This application was launched in the year 2010, but gained popularity very rapidly due to its simplicity of use and brilliant features. It is a free application and is available on the Apple store, the Windows Phone store and Google Play. 

The beauty of this software is that even if you are not a professional photographer, you can convert your mundane photos into lovely works of art using Instagram’s numerous digital filters like Earlybird, Toaster, Nashville and Hefe. Instagram also allows for video recording and sharing and social networking, where you can follow instagrammers around the globe and connect with them via likes and comments. You can also connect your Instagram account to various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr, thereby allowing you to share your uploaded pictures on these sites.

A recent study suggests that as a greater number of parents and grandparents are joining facebook, teens are moving away and Instagram has become their new favorite. Nowadays, almost every teen has a Smartphone and Instagram allows them the digital freedom they require. Be it a beautiful sunrise, an outing with friends, a home-cooked meal or a pretty flower in the backyard, the youngsters want to share each and every aspect of their lives. Instagram also has a feature called Instagram Direct through which users can share their pictures with only a specific user or a chosen group. Last year was proven to be a year of the Selfie – an image of one’s own self – and Instagram was flooded with creative, quirky and fun pictures. It is said that a picture speaks of a thousand words, and Instagram most definitely allows the young generation to express themselves with ease and abandon.