The Importance of Responsive Websites

Shopping Spree When the Bathroom’s Free

We’ve all chuckled and commented on those words, “Be right back I’m going to the library” as we move towards our bathroom; but perhaps the new catch phrase is going to become “Be right back I’m going to sit in the mall for a spell.”

What used to commonly be referred to as “the library,” the bathroom of today is being invaded with technology as tech savvy people bring in smart phones, iPads, notebooks, eReaders, and even laptops with them. What does this mean for your business? It could mean a whole new selling audience that is looking for quick and easy ways to find, pick, and finish their purchases in a matter of minutes.

Let’s face it, we live in a fast paced world where everyone seems to have the need to multitask. Although people have been multitasking in the bathroom for years, never before have they had the opportunity to actually shop and truly purchase an item while resting upon the “throne.” Sure, the days of catalogs in the bathroom have been ongoing since 1893 when Sears Roebuck Co.® created their first catalog of amazing items; but, never did great-grandpa come out of the outhouse with a smile and a receipt for what he purchased did he? Now you can target that specific audience by creating a website that is quick and geared towards smaller, hand held or lap top computers.

Unlike regular websites, phone and “pad” based sites are created specifically to load quickly with minimal waiting time. While the site may not have as many fancy gadgets and gimmicks to sell their items, a straight forward sales pitch with simplistic backgrounds and ideal pricing can pull a buyer in like lightening. Showing special prices, sales, and “online only” deals via the website, whether it’s created as a full website or a phone/pad based website will quickly load up the sales. Taking your advertising a step further and going for phone based ads (often built into games, etc.) can increase your traffic.

The end result is that by creating a phone or pad based website, you are able to bring your store into the viewer’s bathroom just like a catalog. The better part is that the customer can not only browse your store but make an online purchase right from the best seat in the house… their “throne.” Bring your website into the phone and pad based creation it should be and watch your sales increase as what used to be known as the “at home library”suddenly becomes the “at home mall!”