The Google + Facebook Showdown

Why is Google + more popular than FaceBook?

Recently an online poll showed that Google + was more popular than FaceBook among users of social media. Now, to be sure, I’m not active on Google + but I found the results of this poll to be very intriguing.  You see, I really wasn’t aware that Google + was all that similar to FaceBook social media-wise but the poll results made me think differently.  With that in mind I started doing some research to find out what the similarities were and to see for myself if Google + possibly had something better than FaceBook.  Much to my surprise I believe that they do, and I believe it won’t be long before Google + gives FaceBook a slap to the face (pun definitely intended) as it beats them at their own game. Below you’ll see why Facebook may have some stiff competition just around the corner.

The number 1 reason consider Google + is Integration. The simple fact is that Google is already integrated into so many of the products, websites and services that people use every day that soon it’s going to really be a pain to have to constantly switch to FaceBook for your social networking when staying right where you are (and Google + is) would be easier.  Plus you won’t be hounded by people wanting to play Farmville.

Another advantage Google + has is searching and sharing info. Google + is using their amazing search capability to power its new Sparks feature, giving people the ability to search and share without leaving the site, as you are forced to do on FaceBook.

Knowing where your friends are is another area where Google + is better than FaceBook, and the key is their ‘Circles’ concept. Now granted, I’m still a little baffled by the ‘Circles’ concept where FaceBook added their Groups feature relatively recently, Google + has built their friend interaction platform on Circles shoulders. It’s more like real life, letting you keep your book club friends away from your movie geek friends.

Two words; Data Liberation. OK, everyone who thinks FaceBook isn’t great at keeping your personal data personal raise your hand.  The crazy part is that it’s really hard to delete your profile from FaceBook and they even force you to make some parts of it public.  Not Google +. You want out, all you have to do is make a few clicks, grab your data and you’re out. This feature alone makes it tempting to switch platforms.

If you use your mobile phone to go on FaceBook you probably know that their Mobile App is not exactly the easiest or most well designed on the market.  Compared that to Google + seamless integration into their social platform and add to that the fact that Google is ramping up even more ways to make it better, easier and quicker and you’ll be dumping that FaceBook apper in the (yes, rhymes with apper).

When you add in better photo tagging features, safer content sharing and excellent group chat functionality you begin to see that FaceBook could be falling behind.  I’m not ready to jump ship yet but I’m taking baby steps toward the plank.