Splitting up: Deadly in Horror Movies and Against your Competition

Choices make us powerful.

Would Tiger Woods hit the links with only a putter and pitching wedge? Would Baskin Robbins’ slogan make your mouth water if it featured 2 flavors? Throughout history, having options separated predator from prey.

So it infuriates me when clients limit their options!

Listen, I want your website to be as profitable as it can be. We’re going to use an old marketing technique. It’s so simple, you don’t even have to master the alphabet! The trick is to put in minimal effort.

Use A/B Testing to SKYROCKET your sales!

Otherwise known as Split Testing. It is the process of comparing two variations of content and choosing which performs better. Easy, right? Absolutely! So why don’t more web owners do it?

Because A/B Testing involves trial and error. Content creation alone is time consuming. An amateur believes that, “If you build it, they will come.” Professionals know online success is a marathon.

Success could come from pouring over 100 different metrics. It could come from swapping a red button for blue. The critical factor is to not give up.

A/B Testing demolishes bias.
Numbers don’t lie. You may have a vision of what works but split testing determines what is effective.

Don’t jump the gun!

Smart alecks have a word for something that probably is not coincidental – statistically significant.

Your #1 focus should always be content creation. If your content hasn’t been online for long, put out as much as you can.

There should be a clear benefit going for one route over another. A 95% success rate or higher is statistically significant. Ergo, you probably aren’t banking on a fluke. And make damn sure you engage enough visitors!

100 people choosing the red button over blue is meaningless. 1000 people? Now we’re talking!

550,000 sales – thanks to Split Testing!

Gaming giant Electronic Arts employs A/B testing with their SimCity franchise. Visitors had the option to pre-order the 5th installment online. Their original page featured the message, “Pre-Order and get $20 off your next purchase.”

What happened next demonstrates why we split test.

The pre-order page variant had no message. It wound up performing 43.4% better! Over half the game’s total sales were digital downloads.

Pour conclure.

Edison tried over 1,000 different filaments before perfecting the light bulb. The gravity of your work may not be comparable yet I leave you to ponder this: Even great minds split test!