Social Media No No’s

Sometimes it’s fun to irritate people. Social media brings out the junior high school kid in all of us. But when doing social marketing it is best, for the most part, to refrain from being offensive. One of the more effective methods of using social media is to comment or post on someone else’s post. This makes them feel like they are getting attention, and shows their friends that you and your business or service are not just a social media robot posting about your business activities all the time.

But in commenting on someone else’s post or article, be sure you actually pay attention to what you are writing. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

1. Read what you comment on – one of the most uncouth mistakes you can make is to get the totally wrong end of something and then comment on it. It looks careless, rude and unsocial. Read before you write. Better, still – understand before you write.

2. Talk about something other than yourself or your business – Social media marketing has put marketers in the business of being, in a sense, something like radio or TV producers, writers, directors and ad creators. Your business is the “commercial” on your social media page. Content should be entertaining, with your business message getting in there in a bank-shot kind of way.

3. Be careful not to insult.– A tongue-in-cheek insult that is meant in fun can bring comments and interaction to your post. But there is a fine line for one to walk successfully. People can be sensitive, or at least take advantage of your post and claim that you’ve somehow hurt their feelings.

4. Don’t Spam – Whether it’s constant posts about your business or endless cat photos, spamming is spamming. Too much of any good thing is still too much. Too much of a bad thing is way too much of anything.

5. Disagree respectfully – Debates make us human. Everyone likes to argue at least a little, and if you don’t agree with me I’ll argue about that too. So while participating in an online conversation and disagreeing with someone isn’t necessarily a bad thing even for your social marketing image, be respectful, even if you get angry. I shouldn’t have to point out how off-putting being obnoxious can be.

6. Don’t Ignore Comments – When someone comments on something you post, love’em back. The worst thing you can do is miss or ignore a comment that has been left. This makes you seem inattentive and that you’re not paying attention. Nothing is worse than being inattentive to a potential customer.

These are a few social media no-no’s. A few more can be checked out here: