Social Media Mentions

One thing that doesn’t come together as often as a marketer would like: Getting your brand mentioned while doing branding. It’s a tough accomplishment in a world where it seems like no on wants to do you any favors. But there are ways to get real users to pay attention and even share or retweet about your business while you are doing Twitter or Facebook marketing in Los Angeles and other cities.

These are 7 ways to get attention without offending anyone:

1. Challenge The Norm

Communicate what is unique about your brand, but don’t be subtle about it. Retweets, mentions, shares all happen in an instant for reasons that may have nothing to do with your brand. The stranger your posts, the more likely you are to get attention.

2. Ask For People’s Opinions

Here you have to be obvious about it because you are going to ask for something specific. What can work here is a little sly creativity. When asking for opinions try to frame what you’re asking for in a slightly outrageous way.

3. Use Pictures

Keep the cat memes to a minimum. But pictures that effectively show your product or service in action can help your image with current customers. The best way to get shares from this is to involve your customers. If they get to somehow be a part of the picture they are more likely to share.

4. Attract Good Followers

“Thank you, you’re a great audience.” I don’t think anyone has ever tweeted that. Social media followers are a tough crowd. Find the people who are your true believers and keep them tight. Twitter lists are a good way to keep track of your best people.

5. Be Humorous

Again, keep the cat memes to a minimum. The best thing about using humor is that it can be about anything. Don’t be afraid to be social in social media. Not everything has to be about the brand. If something is funny (but appropriate)and it’s unrelated to your brand but gets retweeted, your image and link still go with it.

One thing to keep in mind about trying to get mentions is to never ask.  “Please retweet” coming from a business won’t get much of a response, if any. If it does get a response it will likely be from someone who maybe just decided to delve into marketing yesterday. “Hey follow me and I’ll follow you back! Yeah!” Snore.

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