Social Media is not about You!

Sometimes you shouldn’t think about social media marketing strategies but just let events come to you. Just like you can’t fake a good meal, in-authenticity in social media becomes immediately apparent. Perhaps the best social media marketing strategies in Los Angeles are about not thinking too hard about the strategy. When something happens in your business or around you somewhere in life, and its something you know you want to share, and you have a great idea for how to get people’s attention with it, then you have a social media marketing winner.

The best Facebook marketing strategies grab attention about something completely unrelated to the business. Fun just happens. It can’t be thought about too much. Here are five Facebook Marketing tips to try to be ready when the moment hits:

1. Don’t Wait Too Long To Implement

2. Be ready to engage a response

3. Have the good thing waiting at the door

4. Get them to Facebook from everywhere

5. Tell people about your business but don’t hammer it home

If something happens in your business that is exciting, take advantage of it. It’s not necessarily about you’re latest business deal. It can be anything. It can even be, or even preferably be, something unrelated to your actual business. Did someone just walk down the street outside your office on stilts? That’s a winner. A restaurant in Charlotte NC was able to get a lot of social media attention because a waiter used his cell phone to record Henry Rollins walking on the other side of the street (across from the restaurant).  Henry Rollins didn’t even come into the restaurant. But everyone who had a Facebook friend who liked Henry Rollins and shared the video of him walking down the street in a white t-shirt ALSO saw the name of the restaurant.

If you see a creative way to comment on a news event, act right away. News fades fast. Get out there with your idea as quickly as you can. Next, don’t walk away and think you’ll come back later and see the responses. Viral activity builds because interaction starts right away, and if you are not present it looks like you don’t care. So be ready to respond to anyone who comments on your Facebook post.  Use other social media to bring them into Facebook. Send Tweets, post a picture on Pinterest, post a link on LinkedIn or your blog. Get as much early traffic as you can.

While you are interacting with people on your Facebook post mention your business, but do it tastefully.

If you have the time, Sociableblog has some great Facebook Marketing tips for your reading pleasure.