Pitfalls to Avoid in Pinterest Marketing in Los Angeles

Pitfalls to Avoid in Pinterest Marketing in Los Angeles

Pinterest is the odd bird of social media and the one where the marketing hasn’t been quite defined. In other words, social counts. In doing Pinterest marketing, you must be present and active with your audience. Methods have evolved with some effectiveness for automating parts of Facebook and Twitter marketing without seeming like you’ve put the “gone fishing” sign on your social media. However, with Pinterest Marketing, not so much.

How to Use Pinterest to its Fullest

Sometimes it’s so easy that it’s hard. Pinterest takes a real social effort to be of any value in your business’s social marketing effort. Here are some things to consider when using Pinterest:

1. Show Appreciation For Your Followers

2. Don’t Listen to Nay-sayers

3. Avoid Arguments

4. Keep to a System

5. Stick with it until it Bears Fruit

Pinterest will be around for a long time. Pictures have become a primary part of communicating on the Internet and Pinterest has so far shown the right formula for interacting via images. So the first thing you need to pay attention to on Pinterest is the people you follow. Re-pin, comment and interact with others on Pinterest. This is a more important action than it is on any other social network. And don’t listen to those who say Pinterest in a non-player. Pinterest handles and organizes pictures and video, the forefront of Internet communication. As a place to put things, the site is better designed to handle visual information. Facebook and Twitter started way back when a YouTube video could only be five minutes, and the quality of the videos were awful. Both  Facebook and Twitter from their germination were word-centric.

The Internet took the troll from under the bridge and made him real. They are everywhere. So when one comes plodding along to your Pinterest page, ignore, ignore, ignore. If someone comes along and says something nasty about your Pinterest page, don’t extol revenge. Just realize that his or her posts will have little impact overall since so many people have had the same experience.

Form a system for posting on Pinterest, keep on the lookout for images, collect them and have a set time every week, or several times a week that you will be using Pinterest. Your time spent on Pinterest, like all social networks, might seem fruitless, and even lonely for a time, but after awhile the connections you make on Pinterest can be some of the most genuine of your social marketing experience.

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