Pinterest Tips to Improve Sales

Amounting to over 48 million followers, Pinterest is right up there with popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Surveys have shown that Pinterest is paving the way for increasing spontaneous online shopping. Businesses, who know how to use Pinterest effectively, can join in on the action and improve sales by utilizing this social media hub. The website is essentially a place for people to save images which inspire creativity or their desire for certain products. Taking a look at these suggestions can help make your products viewed, or should I say “pinned” more, thus boosting sales.

It can be difficult to understand right off the bat how to ignite success on Pinterest. However, there are some easy to follow tips on where to start.  A picture speaks a thousands words and is really the main focus of the website.


  • Make sure you use only high resolution and photos which contain substantial interest to the viewer. Meaning don’t use heavily edited fuzzy pictures, or have a white background for your product.

Being unique and using textured backgrounds with collages can be a colorful and intriguing sight for a multitude of viewers. There are a handful of sellers who use a series of pictures to show either a clothing style or a recipe and can be an informative and capturing twist for your page.

2. Although, don’t only focus on your page, pin pictures from other sites and sellers to show interest and support for other ideas.

3. Lastly, make sure to add pin buttons on your website outside of Pinterest, next to Facebook and Twitter buttons.

4. Having good customer service and engaging viewers is another booster to keep your buyers focused on your products.

5. Pay attention to who is pinning and, within a week be sure to thank your followers letting them know you’d be happy to answer any questions. Respect goes a long way to increasing satisfaction and also reminds them of the products they pinned.

6. Creating promotions and contests will always attract and increase activity to your business. Easy and fun for viewers, its an excellent way to ramp up re-pins and build more sales.

Which ever the strategy, a trial and error form for boosting your sales using Pinterest can be in any businesses’ best interest. For more detailed answers for knowing how to use Pinterest please refer to the article, “Four Simple Way to Make More Sale From Pinterest”, by Mark Macdonald.