Making Your Blog Titles Bounce Off the Page

Creating an attractive and catchy title is paramount to the success and interest of a blog. It can mean the difference between having a large influx of views or hardly any at all. Using simplicity, well chosen words, and balance, your blog can definitely be a stand out. Understanding the correct concept and applying it to your title will help immensely in transforming your writing into a very clickable blog.

Out of all the people who scan blogs, less than half of them will actually read the article or blog. That’s a pretty low percentage considering all the different topics out there. Staying focused on the main point of the post will allow the readers to know what their in for. However, it can be boring and you need to bust your brain a little and come up with words which will catch people’s eye. Remembering all the vocabulary you’ve ever learned is wishful thinking, so go the extra mile and pull up a thesaurus to find intriguing ideas. The amount of effort and enthusiasm driven into the title will reflect in the increase of views to your blog.

This isn’t Shakespeare. Try to avoid very long, drawn out, and confusing lines. Statistics have shown that using around 10 words gains the highest percentage of clicks compared to exceedingly long or short ones. When using keywords to boost the SEO, attempt to use one or two in the title, however don’t over do it. Understanding the special characters which can and cannot be used are very important as well. Never use the ampersand (&), greater/less than symbols (<)(>), the pound sign (#), or the “at” symbol (@). All of those characters will confuse the web browser into thinking it’s meant for something else. Other symbols are welcome and often encouraged such as the exclamation point (!) colons (:) , question marks (?) and single dashes (-). None of these symbols are necessary, but can add flare and a stand out appeal. It would also behoove you to use correct grammar, making not just the title, but the article appear well thought out and professional.

In a nutshell, everyone’s style is different so there isn’t really a wrong way for creating your blog title. Just remember to keep it short, sweet, and eye catching. Scooping up pointers like these will aide your future blogs to blossom into popular tidbits on the web. Don’t sweat it, put passion into every piece, and blogs away!