Making Content Interesting

Every business whether you’re selling a product or service needs to create compelling content to drive web traffic and ultimately convert customers. Suppose, you are in the loan business, wondering how you can make your articles or blogs fun and interesting when you are writing about something that may not be very stimulating. Remember one thing – people who will read about your article or blog will read it because they need valuable information. So why not make your topic a little bit fun and appealing? In a scenario, where content is king, only an interesting and attractive article can engage the readers on your page.

Weave a Story 

You might be writing about something extremely boring, but that does not mean that you cannot weave it in the form of a story. Modern readers are more attracted towards content that gives them a feeling of reading a story. Whether it’s technical writing or something extremely factual, present it in an interesting manner with personal experiences, anecdotes, etc. instead of simple, structured content. This will instill interest among the readers and encourage engagement.

Headline and Introduction

The introduction of your content provides the best opportunity to be creative and fun. In fact, it should be most interesting and compelling to engage the readers further through the content. You can consider cracking a joke or narrating a story or personal experience in the introduction to give an idea on what follows. You can also be empathetic or include creative ideas to connect to the reader so that they can relate to the content and keep reading.

Include Sense of Humor 

Writing fun and interesting content doesn’t necessarily mean you have to crack hilarious jokes that set the readers rolling on the floor. For technical writing, this can be difficult. Alternatively, subtle sense of humor can work wonders in enhancing the appeal of the content, while making it most unique, fun, and interesting. Often, inserting a parenthetical quip or choice of right words can do the trick to appeal and engage the readers.

Get Creative with Pictures 

A picture speaks a thousand words. Relevant and interesting images not only enhance social share-ability of the content, but can also add that ‘zing’ into the content. Here, you need to take some extra effort to pick the right images for your content – something that not only relates to the information provided, but is also witty and intelligent. Include talk bubbles or clever thoughts into the images to make it funny and relevant at the same time.

Watch Your Tone 

Mundane, boring topics can be even more boring and dreary if you use a bland tone to write. If you are writing a blog or perhaps, a guest post, you can be more informal and conversational to incorporate the “interest” quotient. Imagine how you would communicate with someone on the topic verbally, and adopt that tone into your writing.

So there is hope for those of you in the not so sexy businesses out there.  With a little creativity you can make what is assumed to be a bland topic, one that will keep the readers clamouring for more.