Keeping Content Fresh

As social marketers every one of us must reach down to the Don Draper deep inside and ask, why would anyone be more interested in what I have to offer vs. being face down drunk with cigarette buds next to a beautiful woman? Or some similar nonsense. The first point of view of any successful marketing campaign is to place itself in the most cynical imaginable position and work backwards. Sure, there are contrarians everywhere. We’ll never make everybody happy. But by looking at it from the point of view of the most socially malcontent-ed person we can think of, we will see amazing opportunities to tweak and refine what we are doing as marketers.

Here are some ideas to satisfy, or at least make the most of the cynics.

Switch up content. If you don’t switch your offers on a daily basis you end up looking like that kid in Jr. High School who wore the same jacket to school every day. It doesn’t have to be original every day. We all have a finite number of pieces of clothing – most of us anyway. Just make sure to change them.

Give the content authority. No one is going to scream from the mountain top about your product or service louder than you. But unless you are going to go without sleep and be on Google Hangout 24/7, the content you create must deliver with authority.

Find new stuff to try out. Every town in every county from Australia to Russia has a kid in a basement inventing the next social media website. Find one of those websites which has a small population and try out new ideas. First, you’ll likely be addressing the anachro-capitalist crowd on a lot of these up and coming sites – so it’ll be cynics galore. You’ll get plenty of opinions and probably a good idea or two, even if at the chagrin of the local inhabitants.

These are just a few ideas to try out. Some more good explorations on marketing and branding using social media are here: