Is the Internet Ruining “The News?” Enter the Humble Newsletter to the Rescue

Let me ask you something. How much time do you think you spend reading the news in a typical day? Just guess, don’t think too long about it.

Well, the Washington Post publishes an average of 500 stories in a typical weekday edition. Websites like Business Insider and Yahoo! News are constantly churning new stories all day every day.

The constant onslaught of media is enough to drive you insane.

But there is a relic of Internet years gone by that can keep you sane. The humble email newsletter is making a resurgence and has the ability to keep your readers more engaged by delivering exactly the content they want, in an easily digestible daily dose.

1. Email Newsletters Can Be Authoritative – A majority of Americans consume at least some of their news from social media sites, but only 34% trust the news that they’re reading.

Even worse, only 4% of web-using adults have “a lot of trust” in the information they find on social media.

But a well-written and researched newsletter can be the authoritative source that consumers crave to deliver timely and accurate news that they trust.

2. They Can Be Curated and Customizable – If your audience has gone through the effort to sign up for your newsletter, that is an indication that they are interested in the type of content that you’re delivering.

This allows you to take a little extra time to curate and customize the exact type of news that they are looking for. If you can consistently deliver the goods, you will develop a loyal following who knows that you will deliver quality, accurate, and reputable information to them anytime they see you in their inbox.

3. A Newsletter is Easily Consumable By Readers – There is something inherently unsatisfying about reading the news online. Even if you find what you are looking for, there is so much of it that you could literally spend all day reading the news.

An email newsletter gives your readers quality news and the information they are looking for, without fluff, ads, or irrelevant information. And the best part for them is that there is an end.

Once they are done reading your newsletter, there is a finality that will keep them looking forward to your next email. Assuming you keep providing them the quality they crave.

If you are looking for an “old-school” way to grow your audience, consider a weekly newsletter that delivers exactly what they want, and nothing more. The best part is that you can create a newsletter for an unlimited number of niches. As long as there is a passionate audience seeking information to scratch their itch, a well conceived and well written newsletter can become a fantastic monthly income stream.