Instagram for Business

Billboards and flyers are considered old-school nowadays as more and more companies are realizing the power of online marketing. There are a number of ways that brands can connect with their customers, a popular one being promoting their brand image via Instagram. 

Instagram is basically a rapid photo and video sharing application that is available on most smart phone devices, and thus has tremendous reach. It is free and very simple to use, and has a world-wide user base. Businesses have only recently started to explore this platform to advertise and are thus a little wary of its pitfalls. However, if some basic guidelines are followed then there’s no better way to speak to a customer than through images that weave a visual story. The focus should be on the product to be marketed and the images designed for this purpose should be clean and free of distracting elements. Understanding the customers’ psyche is also important and this helps to generate content that will appeal to them by portraying features that would benefit the end user. A common way to do this is to show a person using your product and looking satisfied and delighted. This would invoke their interest and also help in converting views to actual sales. Another helpful technique is to encourage followers to participate on your feed using hashtags, thus keeping the users involved in the business.

Find themes and settings that invoke nostalgia and a personal connection in the users. For example, an animal-centric theme would really connect with animal-lovers. Companies can also show their appreciation for employees by posting snapshots of their employees at work or out for a team lunch. Providing this personal touch improves employee satisfaction and helps to drive business further. Instagram is also a cool way of showing off your work if your company is active in corporate social responsibility initiatives. One more of driving engagement is to sponsor contests where followers have to upload Instagram pictures of a particular event or subject along with a designated hashtag. Even if the prize is not extravagant, it generates excitement among true fans.

Ultimately remember that what’s news today will be history tomorrow, and Instagram focuses mainly on what is relevant now and what is going to be trending shortly. Most people are constantly using their phones and attractive images are sure to catch their eye. Let the customer be the focus of your campaign on Instagram and it is sure to help your business soar to new heights.