How to Write Engaging and Optimized Content

We are now in a new (content-filled) year, 2016! The current question that is daunting marketers is “How do we create more engaging content?” Creating high-quality content should always go hand-in-hand with optimization techniques for your blog; we come across many who find it difficult to balance the two.

You want your audience to love the tone, style and appreciate what your writing provides, but you also want to create high-quality content optimized for SEO purposes. In just three steps let’s find out how you can create content engaging SEO content.

Find out trending discussions amongst your audience

When you’re trying to find out what resonates with people, look at blog comments and the latest social media discussions.

-The commenter’s and writer’s tone of writing.
-The questions they’re asking.
-How the author responds to these questions
-Articles entrenched in that blog post.

By learning the most discussed topics and the audience tone, you will be able to grasp how you can approach your blog topics. Branch out when you have the gist of what your audience likes to communicate with each other.

Where and how you should optimize your post

It is a good reminder that you should not overly use keywords in your blog. Google sees this as spam. Instead, use one or two keywords to establish yourself as a legitimate source of information.

Where should you use keywords?

-The beginning of your blog posts- meta description.
-The beginning of your blog posts title.
-Spread it throughout the body of content.
-When naming visuals in the article especially in the alt descriptions.
-In the tags and category of your blog post is classified under.

When endorsing your blog post on social media, first do some research. Search for that keyword’s popularity in the text and hashtag formats.

Set an example
Define the purpose for writing about the topic and your target audience. This step requires that you set an example for those starting step 1. With a high-quality blog post already on the social media platform and a few responses, you should now talk about your experiences and network with others in your online groups. Contribute to the conversations while seeking feedback. You can even start your own conversation.

Final Thoughts

Crafting high-quality SEO content continues to change as Google and people continue to change the way we interact with content online. As these algorithms advance, this separation narrows, but the search for content that we genuinely connect to does not change.