How to use Youtube to Vacuum Traffic from Google

It is no joke. It is not an urban legend. Google has a fondness for listing youtube videos. That’s the truth. Now here comes the bad news: your success of getting a top listing, via a youtube video, totally depends on your keyword selection. Top ranking is not automatic. Obviously, this does not work for highly competitive keywords. You can spend all your time identifying highly popular keywords and making youtube videos for them but you’ll get nowhere. If you want to vacuum traffic from Google, use long tail keywords. Long tails are relatively rarely used search terms often composed of strings of words. It is very easy to dismiss these keywords but you’d be making a big mistake if you do that. The truth is because these keywords have very little competition, it is easier to rank for them. Since they do get little streams of traffic, you can easily build a network of youtube videos that get streams of traffic from many relatively uncontested long tail keywords. As we all know, many little streams flowing together form a mighty river. This should be your strategy when creating and uploading videos to Youtube for traffic. This guide steps you through the process.

Find long tail keywords and make videos that cater to them

The first step is to find long tail keywords that have commercial value. This means people actually pay for these keywords. Next, filter them based on competition. This means there should not be too many other pages that target these keywords. Now filter your remaining keywords based on how much monthly exact search volume they get. At the end of the process, you have a list of commercial keywords with traffic that don’t have much competition. Next, build videos that cater to these keywords. Your videos must be informative. You have to directly cater to them.  Don’t bait and switch with long tails by not posting videos relevant to the words themselves. The video must offer real value. Thankfully, there are a lot of cheap video production outfits on the Internet that will allow you to do this cost-efficiently.

Use the right tags

Once you have created high value videos that actually cater to the keywords you are targeting and which provide real value, you have to tag your video the right way. Your tags must be relevant. Don’t use irrelevant tags just so you can try to snag some other keywords’ traffic. This is misleading and is a form of spamming. Find related long tail keywords and use them as your tags.

Remember to write effective website copy

Once you have uploaded relevant video and tagged it ethically and accurately, don’t just post a url and leave. The fact is your youtube video is your ad, make sure every element works to your advantage. Everything must work to promote your brand-from the tags to the description to the url. In your description, you must attract the reader’s attention, create an interest in the eyes of the reader, and bring out a desire in them to buy, subscribe to your channel, or do some sort of action. The final step to your description should be a call to action. Remember, you might have the best ad in the world in terms of getting attention, creating interest and moving people with their desire. However, if they don’t take action, the ad is worthless.

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