How to Use Social Media to Get Your Content Noticed

There is nothing like writing a beautiful piece of content. A masterpiece in your own eyes. You work meticulously to get every word just right. Every punctuation perfect. You revel in your efforts and hope that your readers can feel the passion and emotion exude through your written words. You think of the lives you will change. The tears that will be shed. The laughter enjoyed. And then you discover that no one has read your work. In the content abyss that is the internet, it’s often difficult to get your masterpieces noticed.  You can write beautiful works of art rivaling those of Shakespeare, but if there is no one to read it, will it make a sound? So the obvious question is, “How do I get my content noticed on the internet?” The answer is simple: Social media. Social media can be an invaluable tool to get your content noticed in a content-saturated world. The key is to increase engagement and interaction among your followers. Make them hungry for everything you have to offer. Here are a few tips on how to do so.

A Picture is worth a thousand words…and likes…and shares

Social media is a fantastic place to share beautiful images, hilarious videos, and meaningful text. The beauty of these outlets is that they are readily liked and easily shared. This is fantastic news for you because whenever a person likes, comments, or shares your content, their entire friends list will learn about it. As of 2012, the average Facebook user had about 229 friends. Think of the possibilities. So make sure to get your followers involved with eye catching images and videos. Then hit them with your masterpieces.

Don’t go on…and on…and on…and on…

Social media is really designed for distinct and concise points. One of the biggest social medial party fouls is unnecessarily long posts. People rarely read them. And if they don’t read them, they certainly won’t share them. This is where all that practice in summarizing stories from English 101 comes in handy.  Take the essence of what you want to say and share that. Forget that prolonged essay. Just give them the teaser so they want more. This is how you engage fans.

Don’t be afraid to ask

At times, it’s difficult to ask for what we want. Unfortunately, all this brings us is not getting what we want. With social media, feel free to ask your followers to share, tweet, like, and pin your content. Just be weary of doing this too often. You’re not begging for change. You’re just hoping to get the word out on your words. You can also have contests that give incentives for your audience to tell their friends about your content. You can do something like, “If we get 1000 likes by the end of the day, we’ll have a random drawing for a free t-shirt.” Things like that get people really excited and make them want to share you with your friends.

Don’t be stagnant

Posting a few times a day is necessary to really get people engaging with your social media campaign. Unfortunately, when people start posting multiple times a day, the tendency is to get lazy. Sometimes we share the same content over and over. Other times, we only show pictures. This is a rookie mistake. Ensure that what you’re sharing is unique. If you shared an image in the morning, share a video in the afternoon. Be creative. Stagnation will kill your social media campaign over night.

By utilizing social media, you can drive a large number of targeted and engrossed followers towards your content. The key is to get that audience primed and excited for what you have to say. Utilizing social media effectively will help you get there.