How to Use Fans and Followers to Promote your Brand

How to Use Fans and Followers to Promote Your Brand

The first step in any business social media campaign is to gather a large number of fans and followers. But once you build up a solid base of followers, how can you turn them into promoters of your brand? An article published at gives three helpful tips to make your business social media campaigns more successful.

  1. Reverse the tables: follow your fans.
    No matter how many fans and followers you have, when using social media it can be hard to identify which fans are most involved. One way to figure out how engaged your fans actually are is to create traceable activities and then look at the data to see who is getting involved and spreading your message. For example, if you publish a top 10 list on your social media blog, you can see which of your fans shared your list with their own friends and followers. Those are the fans you want to target with future messages and participative activities because they’ll send you the most eyeballs.
  1. Find out what makes your fans excited.
    If one of your fans is going above and beyond to either engage with your brand or participate in one of your events, recognize and highlight their efforts. Publicize your fan’s actions in your social media blog and offer a reward that others will see and hopefully envy. Recognizing a fan’s devotion encourages that person to continue their passion in your brand as well as inspire others to do the same.
  2. Think beyond simply using social media.

By knowing how your fans and followers are using social media outside of the primary platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you can find places to increase their levels of engagement. For example, Kellogg’s Cereal used social media statistics to figure out that 72% of the people in their target demographic used social media to comment on television shows. Kellogg’s decided to cross-promote by advertising on television and directing people to visit them on Facebook to discuss a particular show.

Your business social media campaign shouldn’t stop at simply gaining fans and followers. And, it shouldn’t stop at simply engaging people either. There still has to be a way to monetize all of that engagement. Getting 50,000 comments about your brand is great, but if no one is buying, you haven’t accomplished much. Think about your calls to action and make sure there’s a way to get someone to actually buy what you have to offer.

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