How to Repurpose Your Blogs

A recent article from Social Mouths talked about the different ways you can use your blog.  Trying to create new blogs every day can be a monumental task. Running out of ideas is easy and there isn’t always something new to write about. Solving this dilemma is as simple as using your old blogs. By combining new mediums, and old ideas, you can not only continue posting, but even improve your content, viewers, and website. So, after you dig out your old files, you can transform the old into the new.

Newsletters: If you send out a newsletter to the members of your website, a good idea is to use your old blogs and revamp them to match current events. The newbies to your site haven’t seen any previous posts, and your oldest members may not even remember them. Your email archives are just waiting to be reviewed and reposted. This suggestion is an easy and time saving way to send out “new” material.

Ebooks are a unique avenue for long-term bloggers. If you have a large collection of posts, which have similar titles, you can bring them together and create an ebook of your own. Whether its free or sold, your ideas can be downloaded onto devices and viewed throughout the web.
Improving the format of your website is another way to draw viewers in. Change your blog titles into lists with interesting fonts and colors to add visual interest. The list can have your old blogs mixed in with the new ones. If you have everything under a monthly category, you can do an summery of everything covered in the last 30 days. Not everyone goes onto blog posts each day, so doing a general one can give people a good sense of the topics the website discusses.

Share your old blog posts on social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Every business knows using social media is a sure way to market ideas, products, and services to a large audience. Be certain to try and add videos or pictures to the blogs because they are stimulating and intriguing. You can simplify your old work, or even turn them into short main points for readers to quickly see.

Although, these suggestions are to help relieve you of writers block, it’s always imperative to put your emotions and effort into it. When people are reading your work they will want to return for more if your blogs have character behind them.