Google Continues to Keep Content Creators Guessing

As the first month of 2013 wraps up, social media blogs are still buzzing about how business social media users can make the most out of their 2013 content marketing and SEO efforts. An article at idaconcpts has predicted several trends for this year, and I’m going to discuss the three that I think are the most important in using social media. The bottom line is that Google is still as unpredictable as ever and their status as a search engine giant is not going away any time soon. In 2013, businesses and content marketers should strive to stay on Google’s good side while also taking advantage of SEO and marketing opportunities in the mobile and video formats.

Mobile will dominate.

Social media statistics show that more and more people are turning to their smart phones and tablets to access the Internet while using social media. This means that if you don’t already have a mobile version of your site, it’s time to get moving. And of course, make sure it’s optimized.

Video is going to be key for exposure.

In terms of optimization, video has become an increasingly important medium for getting preferential search engine rankings. Whether it’s on your business social media site or your traditional or mobile web site, video gets a high Google score factor. As a bonus, because more and more people are watching video, you’ll be appealing to a broader audience, which leads to higher engagement, higher page rankings and hopefully more sales. Social media statistics for 2013 state that YouTube (a Google product) gets more than 161 million unique users per month. This should be a clear indication that even if you’re not watching video, your customers, fans and followers are.

Ad prices will rise.

Google is in the ad game to make money, and even though Google denies that Google Adwords is required for high Google scores, there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  In addition, social media blogs predict that Google’s search engine dominance is expected to continue and even strengthen in 2013. This means that in order to have any meaningful Google page rank, you will have to use Google Adwords. And, because of Google’s dominance, the price of Google Adwords is likely to rise.

Bottom line…..make sure your website is properly optimized so Google can find you and if you haven’t started using video, start now!!

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