Getting Personal on Twitter Without Overdoing It

Social networking has blossomed in the last ten years. It has become an epicenter for all ages to connect and share information and personal experiences over the Internet. Whether it is for business or fun, networking sites like Twitter have opened a gateway into individuals lives. It’s important to realize how to stay linked with clients or friends without being disrespectful or annoying. Lets talk about the extremities of what makes for good and bad posts.

Engaging an audience is easy so long as negative confrontation is avoided. Trying to spark debates about politics or religion may be amusing to some, however it doesn’t always end on positive notes. Sharing general likes and dislikes is a superb way to tastefully express opinion and can lead to further interest. Using some common sense will go far as well. Copying and pasting short quotes by well known people is a very popular and eye catching form of expression. Rule of thumb is to try only posting what you would feel comfortable saying or presenting in person.

Pictures “take the cake” when it comes to any business or personal page. Nobody wants to spend twenty minutes reading. Photos really can say a thousand words with just a glance and with all the advanced technology, downloading them off devices is lightning fast. Not all people are predominantly visual learners, but everyone has an emotional reaction when they see an image. Many pictures on social networking sites have funny or intriguing quotes. They are quick to look through and make you want to go back and see if there’s more. Effortless and entertaining, photo sharing is what many choose to express their lives.

Disclosing your location could be beneficial if your a business person or company owner looking for more clients or influx. For the younger population though, it may seem fun, but can be hazardous and should proceed with sincere caution. Some other good pointers are: don’t complain, ramble, post every little thing you do each day, or be rude to anyone. Tasteful, respectful, and engaging content is the basis for keeping a strong audience who enjoy seeing what you have to offer. On an uphill slope, social networking attracts a growing number of individuals and businesses who utilizes its’ potential in order to share their world, products, and feelings.

Everyone has their own feed back about the social networking world. According to the article by Michael Gass, there are 12 ways to get personal with Twitter.

1: Showing appreciation
2: My Personal Recommendations and Opinions
3: Location Information and Travel
4: Inspiration Quotes and Stats
5: Emotional Experiences
6: Articles and Books that I Recommend

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