Getting Back to Basics – Why Businesses Should Still Use Facebook

I felt I had to write this today in lieu of all of the hoopla surrounding Facebook’s IPO, the not so cool exclusion of information, blah blah blah.  I was speaking with an acquaintance this morning and he said he told his family they should buy Facebook stock right now while the shares were low (not low enough for me by the way), so that they could reminisce years from now saying “Ahh, remember when Facebook was great?”

In spite of all that’s going on, Facebook is still the best social media platform to communicate with customers (and friends).  I think everyone needs a reminder of why Facebook is still such a powerful tool (as part of an overall marketing strategy).  People forget that Facebook + Engagement doesn’t always equal SALE.  Do companies create Super Fans that purchase from them? They absolutely do.  But for the majority of companies, Facebook is an extension of their overall strategy (as it should be).  Facebook is a necessarily evil (and I use that term lightly).  When a business has a website that speaks to who they are, they usually have business cards that present a similar message.  

Businesses should use Facebook to establish credibility as a valuable resource to their clients.  Whether you sell products or services, you want your clients to keep you TOP OF MIND, ALL THE TIME.  How are you going to do that?  It starts with a conversation.  I’ve said this before, you can’t just walk into a party and say “Hi, I’m Randi, I want to be your best friend.”  It doesn’t work that way.  Facebook gives you the perfect platform to get to know your clients, find out what they like, find out what makes them laugh.  The idea is, as a business, you provide VALUABLE information through your posts, you engage with your fans, and when it comes time for your fans to purchase a particular product or service, it becomes much easier for them to make a decision.

We all want that immediate gratification but we forget that it takes time to build a relationship and trust someone.  You need to provide consistent reminders as to why your product and service is the best BUT balance that with genuine interest and social interaction.

I have a client who runs a beautiful board and care for the elderly.  These are gorgeous homes and they offer top notch care.  Now, why would a board and care facility set up a Facebook Page?  I’ll tell you why.  Maybe your Mom/Dad/Grandparent is too young to be considered for one of these homes but what if that changes in a year?  What if, throughout the year, you receive really valuable information about senior living, health, wellness, etc. in your Facebook Newsfeed? You may even enjoy posting a comment once in awhile on their Facebook Page.  Do you think maybe, just maybe, when you actually need to find a warm, caring environment for your senior loved one, you might think of them? Again, it’s about keeping your business or service TOP OF MIND so when the timing is right, when someone has deemed you worthy and credible, they will take that next step and purchase from you .

If you need help setting up your Facebook Page please contact me.  OR if you have a Facebook Page but are not doing anything with it, contact me at  Remember, if you’re customers aren’t talking about you, you need to come talk to me.