Five Tips for Improving Your Brand on Social Media

1. Powerful colors make a powerful statement
When you look around at the brands you love best, one of the things that no doubt stands out is eye-popping colors and stunning iconic designs. There’s no coincidence that some of the most popular brands have some of the most recognizable logos, their design and color scheme standing out to make a powerful statement.
Colors have been shown to evoke strong emotions, each of them triggering some association deep in our subconscious that brings out feelings of security, friendliness, peace, even trust. When you’re developing a color scheme for your company, make sure that your choices reflect what you want your company to stand for. In combination with a recognizable logo, you’ll find that this can be a powerful tool to make your brand memorable for all the right reasons.

2. Consistency is key
One of the things that will make your company stand out in the eye of the ever changing realm of social media is consistency. With so much noise going by, it pays to have a consistent look and feel to your presence. Logos, broadcast content, recognizable writing styles, all of these play to helping your customers remember your name, your brand, and your product.
Consistency will lend an air of authenticity to your brand, keeping it comfortable, recognizable, and trusted. Something as simple as maintaining a slogan has done wonders for companies like Nike, who hasn’t changed it’s slogan in years. 

3. Logos create a powerful visual message
Coming back to logos for a minute, we’ve talked about the importance of color and design. Know that your logo is often the first thing that attracts your customers eye, and that will be the image that comes to mind when they think of you and your brand. Make sure it broadcasts the right message, putting forth the right image is extremely important, but make sure that your logo doesn’t convey anything you don’t want to say.
Make sure it’s eye-popping as well, you want it to be a stylish design that people would be happy to wear on their person. It doesn’t matter if you produce a product that will carry your logo, the time will come when promotional shirts, hats, and other forms of customer based advertising products will enter your designs. Make sure people are going to want to be seen wearing them.

4. In all these things, remember the KISS rule.. Keep it Simple.
Having too much is as big a danger as not having enough. Remember that on social media you are largely constrained to sound bites. No matter how much you send out in a post or advertisement, you’ve only got a scant few seconds to catch your customer’s eyes. The first few lines of a Facebook post may be all they read, and for Twitter you’ve only got 150 characters. Keep these in mind as you head plan your next steps.

5. People like people, so keep it real
There needs to be a very comfortable, friendly, and human element to your company’s image. When you’re thinking about what to put forth, how to design your imagery, what colors to choose, realize that you are designing the personality of your company. Make sure that your company represents what people will want to be associated with and engage with.

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