Five Important Questions to ask your Social Media Marketing Firm

With the current world transformation to all things digital, the importance of social media to a company’s overall marketing strategy cannot be overemphasized. Putting together a befitting social media profile and orchestrating a comprehensive campaign are two sure-fire ways to improve market reach, conversions, and customer engagement. But how do you know which marketing firm is best to help you undertake this herculean task?

There’s a lot to consider before committing to any one particular marketing firm. And to help you sift through the now the excessive list of Social media marketing agencies, we’ve come up with a list of five questions to ask your social media marketing agency before you consider hiring them.

What’s your success story like?
In the world of Social media marketing, results mean effectiveness. Inquire about their previous clients and the results they achieved for them. Do they have a portfolio? If yes, don’t hesitate to go through this and any other available customer testimonial.

How do you plan to undertake my marketing campaign?
The most effective social media campaigns are those that follow a systematic and accurately laid down blueprint. Companies worth their mettle go through a series processes that include undertaking a comprehensive market research, drafting up a concise strategy, project execution, analysis and end-stage optimization. Make sure to find out the mode of operation of your prospective marketing agency. Who manages what? And how do they intend to bring about your success?

What is the billing process?
Make certain to confirm the cost implication before committing to any marketing agency. Also, clarify what mode of billing they plan to implement. Is it an upfront payment? Are there any recurring fees or periodic charges subject to fluctuations? Thorough knowledge of these and more help you plan and make adequate budgeting preparations.

What’s your approach towards project updates and communication?
Am I going to get periodic updates on the effectiveness of your marketing campaign? Or do you prefer delivering a project report only after you have achieved tangible results? Is there any provision for an in-depth analysis as to what worked and what flopped? Different social media agencies have different styles of reportage; your choice should be one that fits your personal preference.

What exactly do I get from subscribing to a particular package?
Most social media companies price their services in packages. Knowledge of the services included in a particular package helps guide your decision – before choosing any package verify whether it is all-encompassing or restricted to a set of social media platforms. Also, make sure to inquire about extras with regards to multimedia content creation. Would there be any provision to track analytics? What is the set number of posts per social media platform? Ask these and more before committing to any particular subscription.

Social media is without a doubt one of the most efficient ways of bolstering market reach, brand reputation and customer engagement, a fact that is evident in the number of companies currently hiring Social media marketing agencies. Before you join the hype train and commit to a marketing company, make sure to get answers to these questions, as clarity defines the success of any business relationship.