Facebook Page Insights

Breaking away the irresistible suspense, they are here – all new FaceBook page insights!! And when they guaranteed it would be a complete revamp, they weren’t actually kidding!! The old FaceBook page insight interface now looks absolutely dull and obsolete in comparison to the new one that’s rocking and provides an unique experience. However, people are feeling mixed about the new and improved functions.  Here is a look at both sides.

1. Improved Navigation: Unlike simplistic and chunky navigation feature of the old interface, the new navigation feature is comprised of multiple levels of comprehensive page admin needs, and is organized into distinct categories to provide maximum ease.

2. Advanced Data Selector: In the new Insights, you only need to scroll left and right to view data that you are precisely looking for. All the graphs and images within the page will automatically adapt to the advanced data range.

3. More Visuals and Graphs: Previously, you had access to only 10 unique types of graphs, while now, you have up to 18!! Moreover, the graphs also look like  they have been designed in 2013, and not obsolete and dull.

4. More Comprehensive Data: Now you can have all the data conveniently presented in an easy-to-interpret graph. Such data include likes, comments, and shares, negative feedback data, paid likes, etc.

5. Clear Options for Comparison 

With the new insights, you can benchmark your metrics performance over time, while you can also choose the periods that you want to compare, thus, making the process extremely hassle-free and convenient.

Questionable Improvements

1. When the fans are online: The “When your fans are online” graph does not tell when your fans see your Facebook content by day of the week, or time of the day. It only tells the average number of your fans who saw “any” FB posts by day of the week/in any hour. The “any” demarks what you expect and what it is.

2. Best Post Types: The “Best Post Types” option tells you about whether status updates, photos, or videos and links have greater reach, like comments and shares, and clicks. However, what you truly want is the type of theme that is most effective rather than the format.

3. Average Comparison: This provides you information about how your page’s fan demographics are compared with the overall FB users’ demographic. However, that isn’t any useful or new information that you get!!

4. No Reporting Tool: Having a report on how your FB page is performing is most important. The new insights don’t provide any reporting tool as such. It has the metrics but you have to adjust the periods, make the screenshots, filter the noise, and create a report in PowerPoint.

So there you have it.  I think overall Facebook has made some great improvements to the Insights Area.  I think with every new program that gets rolled out, there’s always going to be glitches and functionality that maybe not worth implementing.  But in the big scheme of things, change is always good.