Facebook Advertising – Tutorial #3

Hi Everyone.  This Tutorial covers the very basics of how to set up a Facebook Ad.  I think Facebook advertising can be very powerful because Facebook has been able to capture  specific data on each person when they set up their personal profiles.  This is free demographic data for businesses who really want to focus in on a specific audience.  To be able to choose the age range of the people to whom your targeting, the specific language they speak, where they live and what their precise interests are, is a gift.

I really believe Facebook advertising should be part of any social media marketing plan.  Even if you have an existing client base, Facebook is a great way to increase your brand awareness.  And just because you advertise in Facebook doesn’t mean you’re directing people to your Facebook page.  You can absolutely set up your ads so that when people click on them, they go to a specific landing page on your website as well.  It just depends on what your goal is. 

You should create at least 5-7 ads.  You never know which ones will be most effective and it’s important to monitor how they’re doing on a weekly basis.  You could literally set up 3-4 ads to land on a custom tab on your Facebook Page and then 3-4 ads to land on your website to  see which ones do well.  The beauty of all of the ads is that you don’t pay for it unless it’s clicked on.  Facebook allows your budget to be as small as $2.00/day.

I provide a few tips about creating Facebook ads such as catchy content (obviously) as well as how to attract someone’s eye.  You have up to 135 characters in the body of your ad so make it count.  Make sure there’s some sort of call to action there (e.g. click here!).  Also, remember that attractive photos get clicked on the most BUT it needs to be relevant to your business or service.  Don’t insert a picture of a pretty face when you’re advertising for a funeral home.

And, as always, if you don’t have time to set up Facebook ads, that’s what I’m here for.  If you need help, please email me at randi@thesocialcalling.com and remember, if you’re customers aren’t talking about you, you need to come talk to me!