Facebook Ads – Still Good Bang for your Buck

If you’ve done PPC advertising then you know that one of the most difficult aspects of PPC Ads is the inability to actually know who is viewing your ad. This, however, is where FaceBook Ads really shine.

Not only does  Facebook bring over 400 million active users to the party, their profile demographics are the best, hands-down. Using these demographics your ads can be fine-tuned to target your audience precisely and significantly lower your cost per click. That’s powerful stuff.

Want some more great reasons to like FaceBook PPC ads?  Well then dear reader, read on.

Since the clicks on your ads will be much more relevant and focused you can use FaceBook Ads on a much tighter budget and still get by, even though you’ll still be paying per click. Without the demographics feature you’d be paying for a lot of erroneous clicks, no doubt, and wasting a lot of money.

Since a FaceBook ad actually reads the profile and other data posted by users it can pin-point target your ads to your exact demographic.  Want 40 to 50 year olds who read Golf Digest, love Malbec wines and are fans of sailing?  Done. Using age, interests and location (and more) you can find and target exactly the people you want.

Improving your network visibility with FaceBook ads is easy because your customers can easily share your offer, ‘like’ it and pass it along to others, helping your ads to even make a showing on their extended network.

In the overall scheme of advertising the ads on FaceBook are much less intrusive and, in many cases, are much more interesting because they are so well targeted. What this means for you is a much higher click through rate and conversion rate. This is simply the old adage ‘give the people what they want’ at work, and FaceBook does it quite nicely.

There you have it.  Ammunition enough to fire up those FaceBook Ads and get started building your brand today.

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