Exploit Dramatic Headlines to Gain More Facebook Shares

How do you get traffic from Facebook?  Visit any online marketing forum or email group and you get this question or its variation a lot. People ask it over and over again Apparently, it never gets old. Sadly, the people who ask these questions did not even bother to check their Facebook feeds and look for patterns. That’s the bottom line to answering this question-Facebook is already giving you the answer. You just have to look at your Facebook feed. You will quickly see that certain types of posts get shared a lot. Many are duds with very few shares and likes. However, the ones that break out like gangbusters share some common features. One of these is their ability to magnetically attract eyeballs. Try it yourself. Go through as many of the items on your Facebook feed. Pay attention to the number of shares and likes. Notice that the ones that get the most traction pulled your eyeballs too? The good news is you can do the same thing. The guide below steps you through the fundamentals of why drama works and what best practices you can follow to ensure that your own messages gain traction on Facebook. As spelled out by Pam Moore’s article, successful social media marketing promotion is all about using the right content to pull in the right eyeballs. One of the key elements in getting the right kind of attention from social network sites is using the right headlines. Use drama to get eyeballs. Use quality content to keep your reader interested enough to stay on your page.

People Love Drama

It is a long-standing fact that headlines proclaiming bad news draws more readers than good news. Bad news sells newspapers. There’s a reason for this-people love drama. While many people like to know about stuff that is going well, they’d get more excited if you tell them about stuff that is going wrong. Call it human nature or call it morbid curiosity. But the fact is people are drawn to the chills, spills, and thrills of life. Why do you think traffic slows to a crawl when there is a traffic accident? Use this fact to your advantage. Think of titles or facebook wall share descriptions that focus on any of the following human emotions: greed, fear, suspicion, doubt, and anger. Keep tweaking your title until you get it just right. Think of it like composing haiku poetry-you have to keep cutting and cutting until you get to the bare raw emotion wrapped in a sliver of information.

Don’t Overpromise and Underdeliver

If you have spent some time thinking of a killer title, don’t waste your effort by using it for an irrelevant or useless blog post. You don’t want to come off as a killjoy. Don’t excite your readers with a great headline and lead them to a post that has little to do with the title. If you do this enough times, people will just disregard your spicy headlines.

How To Write To Get Shared

Now that your title sears eyeballs and the subject of your blog post is directly related to your title, make sure you go all the way by writing your blog post with the clear intention of getting it shared. This means you have to write the post in such a way that excites the reader to share the post. Again, focus on the emotions of outrage, doubt, suspicion, fear, and greed. Also, your post must be educational and contain rich veins of information that are worth passing on to friends.

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