Do Your Visitors Take Action?

When people come to your website, or your social media page like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you have, or should have, certain goals in mind for what you want them to do. Conversion is often talked about in terms of converting a website visitor into a sale. And yes, that is the end goal, one way or another. If you have a tanning salon or a real estate office your idea of conversion is different than someone with an online-only clothing store. In using social media for something like a tanning salon or a real estate office the end game is to get someone to come in off the street, where an online-only clothing store looks to use their business social media to get someone to click through to complete a purchase.

Your Business Social Media

Conversion doesn’t have to mean that someone makes a sale directly on your website. Conversion can also be seen as visitors taking other actions, like making an inquiry, or adding themselves to a mailing, liking a Facebook page. You want your business social media designed in such a way that you maximize the potential for a visitor to take one action, from a range of actions. The last thing you want a visitor to do is leave without doing anything.

Here is a quick overview on how to use social media to get your visitors to take action:

1. A/B Testing – Here you use two versions of the same site. Your visitors randomly see one or the other. The purpose is to gather statistics you can use to begin determining which design features work the best.

2. Colors – In using social media where color schemes are available, use them to your advantage and give people what they expect to see. A color scheme for a real estate office will be different than one which works for a tanning salon.

3. Call To Action – A term that’s thrown around a lot, but more often than not a opportunity that goes to waste.  Many calls to action in business social media have become cliched with the eyes of most people glossing over the commands “Follow”, “Like”, “Order” and “Buy.” Find original verbs to begin a call to action phrase, and try to get inside the head of your customer. The best calls to action will express your potential customer’s thoughts for him/her.

4. Customer Reviews – Visitors to your website don’t want to feel like they walked into an empty house. One short coming of online trade is that unlike real world stores you don’t get to see the other customers visiting the store. Customer reviews help show that your site has been traveled, and your customers are generally happy with the experience.

5. Social Media – Your business social media might be the first thing a visitor finds before they become a customer, or it might be something they grab onto at your website. Therefore it is import to build bridges both ways, from your social media to your website and from your website to your social media. has a great article that’s worth reading called Improving Your Conversion Rates.  You can never learn too much about how to improve your website traffic and conversions.