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A VP is the most important element of a website. While all business websites need a good VP, most do not have one. It answers this question, “If I am your ideal prospect, why should I choose you versus any of your competitors?”
Not only does your content need to be clear, appealing, exclusive and credible, it needs to tell me a) where am I? b) what can I do here? c) why should I do it? d) what should I do next? and e) what happens after I take action?
What type of incentive(s) are you offering to motivate me to pick up the phone or provide my email address? Incentives add value to your offer and decrease the overall cost of doing business with you – both in time, money, and effort. Your value proposition and incentive can have a significant impact on website conversions because they focus on improving value.
Does your site provide relatable information to the average consumer via helpful tips, how to’s and/or well researched facts about your industry?

If you’re answer is NO to any of the above, I can help you make a better connection with individualized writing services. The Social Calling has worked with 150 clients in the following industries:
Business coaching
Executive recruiting

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