Code is still Poetry: Why WordPress will always be the #1 CMS for Digital Agencies

What’s the first thing people do today when looking for products or services?

They Google search.

And what this means is that an established web presence is a total no-brainer for any business, and the potential for digital agencies is enormous.

Everyone needs a website, from that new Italian restaurant downtown to your dentist, plumber and attorney. And because the web is world-wide the scope extends far beyond your geographical location.

Problem is, competition is tough and there are hundreds of agencies all going for the same slice of the pie.

Which is why you need to get it right the first time, and get it done fast.

Your client needs a site which is user friendly, easy to scale and stable enough to handle high volumes of traffic, which is why your choice of CMS is critical.

Personally, I would only ever use WordPress.

I know a lot of developers have their go-to platform but for me this CMS still reigns supreme.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should use WordPress:

Easy to setup – WordPress is stupidly easy to install and setup. What used to take weeks can now be done with a one-click install. And adding new pages to your site is as easy as hitting publish, plus you can make quick changes on the fly without having to go through hundreds of lines of code.

Easy to learn – Learning to setup WordPress sites is easy. Which means that instead of having to hire a programmer, and paying through the nose, you can hire a “Wordpress developer” or train one of your staff members.

Optimized for SEO – WordPress comes SEO friendly right out of the box, plus there are dozens of SEO plugins which can help to boost your rankings.

The plugins – Plugins are probably the best thing about WordPress. And if you’ve ever used it you’ll know that there are literally millions of plugins so whatever your client needs there is probably already a plugin that does it.

The themes – The second best thing about WordPress are the themes. Back in the day, if you wanted an attractive website, you’d have to hire a graphical designer. But with WordPress themes this is a thing of the past.

Easy to use – So when it finally comes time to part ways with your client they can carry on building their site and making blog posts without you.

I think you can see why WordPress is still the best choice for web developers and digital agencies. And yes you have other options (such as Drupal) but none of these are as easy to use or as stable as WordPress.

Despite this some developers still look down on WordPress as being “Not for business”

But you’d be shocked at how many large-scale companies are using it.

And if it’s good enough for Fortune 500’s then why aren’t you using it?