Business Social Media is All About the Words

The most important thing on the Internet is words. And it’s going to be that way for awhile. Certainly using social media involves images, audio and video. Search which can determine meaning and return results from that trinity is in the works. However perfection and adoption will be at least a decade away. Getting your information to show up meaningfully in search engine results is the basic purpose of how to use social media in the here and now. The best thing you can do for your business social media is tell a meaningful, and maybe (if appropriate) funny, story about your product or service, or an experience you or someone else had with your product or service.

If the Internet accomplished nothing else since its creation, it retaught those who speak the English language (and probably several others) how to read it again. The death of the book store was predicted as far back as the late 1980s. But not because of anticipation of Amazon, or the Kindle, but because nobody reads anymore. Department stores had stopped carrying books. Book stores carried more VHS videos and compact discs than books. And then the internet hit and we all had to learn to read again. So take advantage of it in your business social media.

Write things that help your customer. Create how-to guides with interesting ways to use the products you sell. Or if you are professional, make the latest information about your profession palatable and interesting to the average person.

But along with well-written, meaningful, expressions that get your business found in search results, you also need to compliment that with things like images, audio and video. These are best used in and around your text. Unless you are strictly going for the upmarket, keep in mind that lots of people have older clogged up devices that can’t seamlessly play audio and video. Don’t make your customer’s wait. Getting someone to wait for information about your offering is worse than making someone needlessly wait in line at your store. At least at your store they have something in their hands they want. Make sure everything that isn’t words gets complimented with words, so if there is a speed or compatibility issue on your visitor’s end, your potential customer can read the story you are telling.

Here is good list of 15 tips from which can help in your use of social media.