Benefits of Sending a Holiday Newsletter

One of the most important aspects of doing business online, and even offline for that matter, is communication. When you’re communicating with your audience on a regular basis, you’ll find that conversion rates (sales), traffic, and more will sustain your influence overall. Leveraging newsletters and pushing forward content is a good thing, but when the holiday season comes through, you may be tempted to smother your audience a bit. Many retailers get into a mode of communication that unleashes the worst in marketing endeavors, and that could actually be detrimental to your overall reach. It’s for that reason that you should look into a few benefits of sending a good newsletter, but without throwing too much out there.


Reaching The Largest Audience Possible

When sending out a holiday newsletter, make sure that you don’t just isolate a section of your overall email list. Sometimes, business segment different lists to only send out to parts of the audience. In this case, you’ll want to consolidate multiple lists and send them all one major newsletter, and leave it at that. This will allow you to cast a wide net of information, and market to a larger audience than your traditional list solution. If you aren’t segmenting your list based on consumer needs, then you’re going to find you’ll lose a lot of people when sending out emails, so be careful.

Educating Your Audience

Newsletters can serve as educational tools for your audience in a number of ways. Don’t be afraid to include a video tutorial, update, or simple message that helps them learn more about your business, what you’re working towards, and what you may be promoting as a whole. Videos, images, and other content elements can help here as well. Educating your audience is a powerful element of newsletter communication and marketing, don’t let it slip from your grasp.

Creating A More Personal Connection

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a holiday newsletter, and communication through email in general is connecting your business with a personal touch. This becomes important during the holidays, because people respond more to personal messages during this time compared to other times. With that in mind, make sure that you’re including a personal touch to the news that you send out, and do not just lean on a call to action right away. If you can create personal elements to what you’re doing as a business owner, you’ll find the response is going to be far more effective as a whole.

Giving Thanks

One of the best things about holiday communication is the element of thanksgiving that you could give as a result of sending these out. If you’re promoting your business through email marketing, make sure that you include a note of thanks to the readers, and try not to lean on “sales” heavy copy. Even if your main goal is to convert on the traffic with these newsletters, don’t overdo it, as consumers are getting hit on all sides with messages to “buy this” and “buy that”. If you can education, personalize, and respect the audience with your holiday newsletter, you may find that you won’t need to send out many of them. Flooding their inbox with messages is not the way to go, so keep that in mind as you get ready to send out your email marketing collateral.