An Image is Worth a Thousand Web Words

Content delivery methods via the web are evolving at a rapid pace. No longer is a simple text-based blog enough to grab people’s attention and make them buy your product. Essentially, text-based messages are becoming less popular and visual messages are all the rage. The following, somewhat surprising, stats were published in this article by

  • YouTube gets more than four billion views daily.
  • Instagram has more daily users than Twitter. 7,302,000 for Instagram vs. 6,868,000 for Twitter.
  • Posts on Facebook generate 53% more likes if they have a photo.
  • Pinterest is the fourth largest driver of traffic worldwide.

At The Social Calling. I believe this has huge implications for using social media. And based on the article referenced above, here are six great tips to incorporate images into your marketing efforts:

  1. Use images and graphics to communicate your message whenever possible. A vibrant image will attract more attention than a written paragraph ever can. Examples of images include pictures, graphics, infographics, video and animation.
  2. Be creative and professional with your visuals. For example, consider hiring a professional graphic designer or get some training in video editing, graphic design or photo editing programs.
  3. Use crowdsourcing. Ask your fans and customers to share images of them using your product. Or, sponsor a contest where you give a prize to the user who comes up with the best graphic, image or video testimonial.
  4. Use words selectively.There’s a danger to just creating images without any context to go along with them. You do still need words to communicate your message. Remember to include a call to action, and perhaps a caption that explains the image and helps people understand what your message actually is.Remember, you’re telling a story. Play around with the right combination of words and images to make that story stand out and resonate in the minds of customers.
  5. Protect Yourself. Unfortunately, theft on the Internet is rampant. And if you create stellar content, expect it to get ripped off. One of the best ways to protect the integrity of your work is to include a watermark or put your company’s url somewhere on the image so you can be easily and accurately identified.
  6.  Mix and Match Your Image Strategy. Blogging is still a great way to market your company.  I think blogs are still very powerful. But I do think you should spice them up by adding images or video to make them more lively and interactive. Also, consider mixing and matching content types with other forms of media too. For example, you can add text on Instagram photos, tweet images and Pinterest pins on Twitter and create photo-rich Facebook posts. The possibilities are endless.

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