5 Tips for Great Facebook Posts

While social media has proven itself a viable and effective, free form of advertising, your business’ Facebook page is only as helpful as the content posted on it. To keep your audience and customers engaged and reap the financial benefits of the free forum, keep the following 5 things in mind when creating a post.

  1. Short and Sweet– Few people have the time or desire to read lengthy paragraphs of text. Keeping posts to 150 characters allows for clarity, brevity, and simplicity.
  2. Solitary Link– One post, one link. Don’t make people have to choose or remember to come back to click a second link.
  3. Create– Build your posts with text, images, and links that create an experience, story, or feeling. Avoid just adding a picture of a product sitting against a white background then shoo customers off to where they can purchase it.
  4. Take the reigns– When you notice a comment that doesn’t exactly shed the best light on your company; extinguish the small fire before it can be fueled. Though somewhat embarrassing and uncomfortable, negative comments on your Facebook page are opportunities for growth and engagement.
  5. Engage and Ignite– Engage customers and ignite conversation avoid begging or shameless promotion that benefits only your company. Give them an incentive to share, like, or comment on your post.

These five things, along with using shortlinks over entire URLs are good Facebook practice and make a good name with your ‘followers’ and ‘likers’.