4 Ways Pinterest Can Help Your Business Social Media Campaign

If you ask people how they use Pinterest, most will tell you that they spend a lot of time pinning their favorite Internet eye candy and sharing pins that other people have curated. However, as the fastest growing social network, there are also ways to use Pinterest in your business social media campaign. Pegfitzpatrick’s social media blog outlines four significant ways to use Pinterest to build and grow your business.

Social Media Statistics

Repinly is a super useful tool that provides detailed information about how people are using Pinterest. For example, Repinly will tell you the most popular pin categories and boards as well as what users are doing while they’re on Pinterest and where the pins are coming from. Also important is the list of top pinners and how many followers they have. Currently the top pinner has over 11 million followers, which makes this person a powerful person for which to have a connection.


With the launch of Pinterest business accounts, business social media users can now create widgets that keep followers on your Pinterest site rather than redirecting them to a website or another location. For example, you can direct a follower to look at your Twitter feed while still remaining on your Pinterest page. This allows followers to stay in one place rather than jumping around and taking the risk of going to someone else’s online real estate.


Pinterest is more than just about pins of pretty objects. You can also add fancy and interactive tools to your pins like Twitter profiles, calendars, sticky notes, Google maps and more. This allows a distinct message and/or action item to go hand in hand with your pins.


Just like any business social media platform, one of the best ways to get people to engage with your content is if you engage with theirs first. Pinterest has following boards and pin sharing functionality that allow for mutually beneficial exposure.

With the advent of Pinterest business accounts, Pinterest has now emerged as a more versatile social media platform for promoting your business.

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