3 Ways to Make your Website Social Media Ready

So you’ve built yourself a social media empire. You have hordes of devoted fans that cling to your every word. Your inbox is filled with thousands of notifications letting you know of the re-tweets, shares, and likes your content has received. But let me ask you something. Are you making any money from your fans’ social media activity? If you’re like most business owners, the answer is probably no.

You see, social media is great. It is a great way to connect with your fans. It’s a great way to let people know of your new content. It’s a great way to let people know that you are…well, great! But what many business owners often forget is that social media is where you engage with your fans. Your website is where you help them take action. In other words, your website is where you turn fans into customers.

One of the key components of directing your fans to your website is having a website that is social media ready.

“So how do I make my website social media ready?” I’m glad you asked. Here are the top 3 ways to make sure your website is social media ready and able to turn your amazing fans into fantastic customers.

Have an Awesome Incentive

While shopping at the local grocery store the other day, I happened to learn a very valuable business lesson. As I was walking down one of the isles, I happened to come across a beautiful mother attempting to get her child to sit in the grocery cart. She tried everything from making funny faces to raising her voice, all to no avail. Just when it seemed she was about to give up, a light of inspiration radiated from her. She reached into her bag and said, “I will let you have this cookie if you sit down in the cart.” The daughter jumped into her mother’s arms and quietly sat in the cart as she enjoyed her cookie with a smile.

The lesson? Give your fans a cookie to make sure they take action. This cookie can be anything…a free e-Book, a free video, a free consultation. It can be anything you think you’re audience will appreciate and consequently motivate them to take action.

So give your fans a cookie.

Guide Your Audience

The other day, while connecting on Facebook, I happened to notice and admire a wonderful ad. It wasn’t really because I was interested in the product. It was more because I was impressed by the ad itself. The header really made you stop and pay attention. The copy was fantastic and engaging. The image was eye-catching. It was just a fantastic ad. So I clicked on the link and was immediately sent to a website. Now the ad promised a free report but I could not find where to go to get the report. I tried different links. I tried different pages. I tried refreshing the initial landing page. Nothing. Finally, I gave up and closed the website.

The lesson? Hold your audience’s hand. Make sure that your website guides your fans through the steps you want them to take. Make sure your site is well organized in easy to follow…otherwise your potential customer might just close the site along with their wallet.

So hold their hand.

Have a USP

What is a USP? It’s a Unique Selling Point and it is essential to turn your fans into customers. You’ve done a great job of connecting with your fan base on social media. That’s awesome! But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will buy from you. One way to put the odds in your favor is by letting them know what sets you apart from the competition. Let them know about your affordable prices compared to your competitors. Let them know of the amazing value they will receive. Let them know that you are the alpha-business in your niche…and most importantly, let them know why.

You and your product are awesome. Make sure to let the fans know it and know why.

So there you have it…three easy ways to make sure your website is social media ready. If you follow these three steps, you will easily be able to turn those amazing fans into willful buyers and develop a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with one another.